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Where has summer gone?

July 27, 2008

Time is just FLYING!  And I’ve neglected this poor blog!  Back in JUNE right after school got out, I held a workshop with fellow photographers.  And I forgot to share some of my images of my reps and other “models” from that day.  These were all taken in Ann Arbor (which is my favorite place for seniors).


Summer mini w/ P and A.

June 25, 2008

Right before final exams, I had my rep P come out and do a mini summer session. She brought her friend A along. We had fun even though the humidity was THROUGH THE ROOF! P and A were great sports. It’s nice to shoot a variety of looks (everything from jeans and nikes to summer dresses and heels).

It’s time to start thinking senior sessions! Don’t wait until fall to get your photos done! Next preview will be from the workshop I held. We had some very willing and well dressed models ;)




So last weekend, C and I (and her America’s Next Top Model sister) did a quickie spring session in Kerrytown in Ann Arbor. C is one of my Seniorology Reps. And a perk of being a rep for a school… get a lot of freebies! Plus you get to do a lot of fun sessions with me ;) I’ve got my fill of Pioneer reps, but I am looking for reps for the class of 2009 at other local high schools. So please contact me if you are interested.

Enough talk…..Let’s look at the pictures!






Looking for REPS!

March 31, 2008

I am looking for reps for the 2009 senior season.  Right now rep positions are open at; Huron, Northville, Novi, all the Plymouth-Canton HS, Saline, Walled Lake, etc.  The only school that has both rep positions taken is Pioneer.

What’s a rep do?

Every year I pick a few students at each high school to become my rep for the year.  Reps are picked during the spring of your junior year.  Reps need to be out-going students who will talk up and share their session experience with their friends.  In exchange they will receive, two full sessions (one early spring, one later summer/fall), a 5×5 brag book of photos, websized images for Facebook or Myspace and customized 411 referral cards.  In addition you can also earn print credits for each person referred who books a session.

If you are interested in becoming a rep, please send me an email,